What does salvaged leather and fur mean?
Every season, factories have tons of left over material. If the materials go unused, past a period of time, these precious hides and pelts are then sent to a landfill. We collect the materials prior to them being thrown out.

What is recycled leather?
Recycled leather comes from collected scraps, that are then shredded and bonded together, to make one workable piece. You probably already own some, and don't even know it!

Is the material clean?
Absolutely! The treatment of these salvaged leathers and furs go through the same process as any other new material. The skins are bleached, cleaned and dyed.

How is it ethical if its real fur?
Great question! Our furs come from animals which have been bred for their meat. The hides and pelts get put in a pile, with the intent to be thrown away. We collect these raw material and recycle them into clothing.

How do I take care of fur and or leather?
When you get caught in the rain, a little mist won’t hurt. Just shake off, dry naturally and keep it moving. Fun fact, natural fur does best in colder temperatures and stored in a dry space, away from sunlight. If you find your recycled furry friend in need of a clean, be sure to use a furrier who will follow the care label instructions, effortlessly.

Leather is easy. Just use a moist cloth and wipe away any residue. If you’re feeling the extra razzle dazzle, you can add coconut oil to your dampened cloth to provide your leather, NOT SUEDE, with added moisture.

It is highly suggested that all garments from, KARRICA, go to the cleaners. They’re the professionals and can help tackle any imperfections your garments may have endured.

Will items restock?
Our products are produced in limited quantities, which allows us to maintain our ethical standards and sustainable contribution to the fashion industry. Gotta get it while it’s hot!! If a style receives a very high response, we will consider a recut, but the color may not be the same.

What size should I order?
Please refer to the size guide on the product page of the item you are interested in. Always better to size up. If your size is not available, please message us directly, as we will do our best to accommodate extended sizes for an additional cost (depending on the grading). Kindly note, custom sizing, may follow a longer lead time.
What payment methods do you accept?
Klarna, Paypal and all major credit/debit cards are accepted. If there are any issues with your payments, please email us immediately so we may assess the issue.

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